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Sunday, August 24, 2008

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The Latest WordPress Guides From WordPress Max

As this blog has been overly neglected due to many factors one of which is the time and attention given to my other site WordPressMax, finding the time to keep this blog going with fresh content has been a struggle and today is no exception so here are a few excerpts from my other site. Hope you find them useful...

WordPress Upgrade Frustrations

After putting it off for months I finally upgraded this WordPress blog to version 2.6.+ and what a trip it has been. If you have a WordPress blog prior to version 2.5 then hold on to your hats if you plan an upgrade! I wrote about all the cool features of version 2.6...

Learn To Start A Successful Internet Business

From some of the top marketers in their Internet business niche comes this tell all ebook of how they do it. What if you could have the untold secrets of the best minds in online business right at your fingertips? Well here is you chance...

Promote The Correct Affiliate Marketing Products

From a website owner?s point of view, affiliate marketing programs can add to your income as well as improve your credibility among your visitors. Signing up for affiliate marketing programs should involve as much thought as the types of information you offer on your site, whether you sell products or services or simply have a...

Target Your Internet Business Marketing

If you are knowledgeable at internet marketing, home business opportunities abound for you and if not, there are at least a dozen experts who can help you out. Of course, their expert advice often contradicts one another, but with most service-related activities, you try them out until you find one that works for you...

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Sunday, December 09, 2007

Website SEO Techniques

Copyright © Jeff Houdyschell

A company mostly relies on its official web site to build a reliable customer base, to interact and get feedback from customers, and to use the site for advertising purposes.

With search engine optimization, some techniques are employed so that a web site will be listed on top of the list of results when a user types in a keyword by going to Google, Yahoo, MSN, or other search engines.

Emerging on top of a search list would lead more business your way that is why search engine optimization or SEO tactics are employed.

Some companies employ the services of establishments or individuals who deal with search engine optimization.

This would involve the development of a more informative and user-friendly web site. It may also include pay-per-click or adwords services, such as the one offered by Google.

Another thing that can yield positive results at a lower cost, as compared to an adword campaign, is optimizing a web site for organic search.

This would mainly require keyword density which would result to more traffic going to your web site.

In effect, you will have an added clientele and this should lead more business your way.

If you would like to have a hands-on experience with search engine optimization and you would not like to get a third-party SEO service provider, there are some techniques which are easy to learn so that you can do it yourself. Take a look at the following:

1. Take a lot of time with developing your web site's content.

For most web sites, content is the key. When writing the content of your web pages, insert vital keywords which relate to the products and services that your company offers.

Make it brief and concise, yet informative.

You might see that Internet users do not actually read a web site's content word-for-word.

They just skim through the text and concentrate on the articles that they need and the data which they find interesting. A 600-word article may be too boring or too long for a user to read.

Keep your facts up-to-date so that users will visit your web site more often. Do not forget toinclude a lot of helpful links, articles and guides that users can forward to another user and add to your customer base.

2. Make the overall design user friendly.

In most cases, the rule the simpler, the better applies. Do not design your web site in an overly-complicated way that users will find it too "frightening" to browse through.

Adapt the design to your target market. If your target audience is of a younger age, make sure that the colors and designs are funky, youthful and attention-grabbing.

For a more mature audience, you can use subdued colors and have a more elegant theme and overall web site design.

3. Vary the keyword for each individual web page.

Think of every possible keywords or phrases that will apply to your products and services.

Each user is different and may not necessarily use the keyword that you expect them to type in the search bar. Search engines offer tools which will guide you through finding the correct keywords for search engine optimization.

4. Make sure that your hyper links are visible, accessible and informative.

Providing users with hyperlinks or HTML links which are useful and easy to find is yet another way to optimize your web site.

5. Learn how to lead traffic to your site.

Seek the advise of experts on this field if you do not know how to lead traffic to your site. Develop a plan and learn how to use the necessary tools pull traffic your way.

Gather all the statistical data that you can use to keep your web site on top of the search engines' list.

Vary your web site's contents and keywords to adapt to the current trend. If there is a particular word or phrase that you have not used when searching for keywords, use it instead to lead more traffic your way.

Be flexible enough to change the web site's contents and fulfill the ever-changing needs of the online users.

All in all, you would have your work cut out for you if you want to employ do-it-yourself search engine optimization techniques.

With the proper research, creativity and enough knowledge, you can definitely optimize your web site and yield very promising results for your business.

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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

WordPress Guides

Write WordPress Blog Posts That Top The Search Engines

Once a self-hosted blog is setup and properly configured with the right SEO and social bookmarking , the next step to get your posts to top Goggle. This is often one of the most overlooked but easiest things to do.

The main factor, after your blog is properly configured, is the title of your posts. Consider the title very carefully. Consider this post for example the title, “Write WordPress Blog Posts That Top The Search Engines”. If I had called it “” it would be way down it the . Probably never to be found by anyone searching Google. My bet (or hope) here is that a search for “WordPress Posts That Top Search Engines” will reach the first page on Goggle in less than 24 hours.

So now you may say “Yeah, but how many searches are done for that term.” Well you would be surprised, and a top 5 ranking for a bunch of less searched terms is much better than trying to get a more competitive term to the top.

Write specific, targeted, informative posts. Use the main keywords in the title, and again in the post itself. If you look carefully at this post my keywords are WordPress Blog and Search Engines, and I have used those terms as much possible without overtly stuffing them in the post.

Write general information, with general, non-specific titles and your WordPress posts will be mired at the bottom of the search engines. Provide good specific content and keyword rich titles, and your posts will make it to the top, and possibly linked to and shared by others.

Here is another related for even more detailed information: WordPress Guide To Writing A WordPress Post

Need help setting up or configuring your WordPress blog? Click here or one of the liks on the top right sidebar.

Add a PayPal Payment Button To WordPress Blog

Here is a simple WordPress Guide to add a PayPal payment button within posts on your WordPress blog.

Read this article ->

WordPress Post Navigation Looks Bad On Single Pages

You may have seen it on some blogs and maybe even your own: The navigation links to next and previous posts appear to be jumbled or even wrapped around each other looking terrible. This is usually on the WordPress default theme but can happen on other themes as well. This simple WordPress Guide will make your next and previous navigation links look much better in single posts.

Read this article ->

How To Add BlogRush To A WordPress Blog

If you have a WordPress blog, or any blog for that matter, chances are you have heard of BlogRush. BlogRush is a traffic generation strategy specifically for blogs. The porpose of this WordPress Guide is to show you how to add the BlogRush widget to your blog.

Read this article ->

Make WordPress Custom Header Image A Link

Changing the WordPress default header image is a pretty easy. Simply upload a different header to the themes Images folder, Change the name of the old header image to something else and then change the new header image to the name of the current header image. But then how do you make the new WordPress header image a link back to the main blog’s page? Find out how…

How To Add A Google Sitemap To A WordPress Blog

A few simple steps and a great WordPress plugin that will automatically build a sitemap for your blog and notify Google of all your new posts. This is one of the more important steps involved when setting up your new WordPress blog if you want organic search engine traffic.

Read this article ->

My WordPress Blog is Broken and I Don’t Know What to Do

You made a recent WordPress blog post, or customized your WordPress blogs theme and now it looks terrible. Here are a few things to look for and consider when creating a new WordPress blog post or customizing WordPress to eliminate any problems.

Fix WordPress Sidebar Widgets That Don’t Work

You may have come across a cool WordPress theme that you really want to use on your WordPress blog but it might need just a bit of tweaking to make it standout or, in some cases work correctly. In this example what to do if your new themes widgets aren’t working.

Read this article ->

WordPress Version 2.3 Coming Soon

WordPress continues to improve and evolve. As some continue to Customize WordPress with plugins, some of the more popular are getting bundled into WordPress.

Read this article ->

Back Date WordPress Posts With The Post Timestamp

A WordPress blog has the ability to to edit the published date of a post to an earlier date. This WordPress Guide shows how to use the Post Timestamp option. This may be useful if you have articles from a static website that you want to incorporate into the archives of a your WordPress blog. Or of you want to give your blog a more established look.

Sidebar On Default WordPress Theme

Adding the sidebar to the WordPress default theme is really pretty easy but you may have missed one more step to have the single post page show the background in the sidebar. The WordPress default theme was written to not show the sidebar on the single post page. Because of that it specifies one background image for the main index that shows the gray background in the sidebar. And another image for the single post page with no background in the sidebar area. The version of the default theme you have determines what image background to use. But don’t worry you will see what image to use right in the header.php file.

Read this article ->

Get Top Search Engine Rankings With WordPress SEO Plugins

Self-hosted WordPress blogs are probably the fastest way to get to the top of the natural search engine listings. There are literally thousands of WordPress plugins available but here I will discuss just a few that help with SEO and ultimately top search engine rankings.

Read this article ->

RSS Basics The Benefits Of RSS

As blogging becomes more popular those of using WordPress had better start learning and utilizing RSS. RSS or Really Simple Syndication, is an innovation in information management in the worldwide web as well as online marketing. I will admit that I have been slacking in this department and it’s time to learn how to learn more about it and fully utilize the technology.

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Saturday, July 28, 2007

The Latest WordPress Guides From WordPress Max

Copyright © Jeff Houdyschell

The latest WordPress Guides From

WordPress Discussion Options WordPress Guide

Allowing your visitors to comment on your WordPress blog is a great way to encourage interaction and repeat traffic. With the use of the Akismet comment spam plugin, or your favorite comment spam plugin. And The Subscribe To Comments plugin, you can allow comments with very little moderation on your part. This short will provide you with a balance of allowing comments without letting them over run your .

WordPress Categories Adding Subcategories To Your WordPress Blog

Adding subcategories, or as it is done in a WordPress blog, adding a category to a parent category is an easy way to keep your blog organized and easy to navigate. This Short WordPress guide will show how to add categories in a parent category.

Getting To Know The WordPress Dashboard

The WordPress Dashboard may look a bit overwhelming to the first-time blogger. With all the different menus, or panels as I call them, and subpanels, it can be hard to figure out where to get started. This quick little WordPress Guide will help familiarize you with the WordPress dashboard.

Change WordPress Default Theme Header Colors

The default WordPress theme is probably the most popular and base of many other themes that have been created after it. Changing the color of the default themes header is a way to keep a simple uncluttered look yet making it stand out and look different.

Working With WordPress Text Widgets

Adding additional WordPress text widgets and what to do when you need more. The easiest way to Customize WordPress is working with WordPress widgets. Adding items to your sidebar and moving them into the order you want is easily accomplished by simply dragging and dropping. You can also add anything you want including HTML code into a text widget.

Add Link To A Custom WordPress Footer

One of the easiest ways to customize WordPress is to add links to the footer of the themes template. You could add the link to any website you want and if your blog is part of your website adding a link to the homepage of your site will help your search engine rankings as well. This is a little WordPress Guide that will help interlink your website. Instructions with video…

WordPress First Full Post Remainder As Excerpts

How to change the main page of your WordPress blog to show the latest post in full and the remainder as excerpts. This is a good way to reduce duplicate content and help your readers find what they are looking for without scrolling through full posts on the main blog page.

Install And Configure AdSense Deluxe WordPress Plugin

AdSense-Deluxe is an easy-to-use WordPress plugin for WordPress 1.5+ (including WP 2.0) for quickly inserting Google or Yahoo! ads into your blog posts, and managing when and where those ads are displayed. Instructions with video…

How To Create A Custom WordPress Page Template

There may be times when you want to create a blog page or that looks different than a normal page. Or Perhaps you want to use WordPress to run your entire website but want the main page of your domain to look completely different than a typical blog. This is an easy way to customize WordPress that can be very easily accomplished by creating a custom WordPress page Template.

Upload WordPress Themes and Plugins From The Dashboard

OneClick is one of the best plugins for people who are always tinkering with their WordPress blog. Easily upload new plugins and themes from within the WordPress dashboard.

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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Add Link To A Custom WordPress Footer

A quick little video to help you interlink your WordPress blog.

Add Link To A Custom WordPress Footer: "Add Link To A Custom WordPress Footer"

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

WordPress Using A Static Front Page And Adding The Sidebar To It

Copyright © Jeff Houdyschell

How to add the sidebar to the WordPress page and single post template and how to use a static front page for your blog in place of the normal blog showing your latest blog posts.

Read about it here: Adding The Sidebar To The WordPress Page Or Single Post Template

WordPress Max

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Jeff Houdyschell provides proven income opportunities, ideas and information for the best work at home jobs, visit:
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Thursday, June 21, 2007

WordPress Blog On Your Own site

Copyright © Jeff Houdyschell

Kind of strange post to put on a Blogger blog but hey! This article makes a good point of the reasons why a WordPress blog on your own site can increase your traffic and help your site rise in the search engines.

If you want to get serious about blogging WordPress has so many available options that you really should check it out.

Read more here:

Why Have A WordPress Blog On Your Own Site

About the Author:
Jeff Houdyschell provides proven income opportunities, ideas and information for the best work at home jobs, visit:

Do you want your own WordPress Blog on your site?

I can help, find out more here: Blog Builder

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